The Power of the Mind / Body Connection

The power of the mind/body/spirit connection is amazing to me.  I don’t think I ever quite understood the significance of this until recently.  On June 15 I had knee surgery and was unable to work out for approximately three weeks.  I did my best to eat properly during this time so the only difference was the lack of exercise and isolation.  My mind almost went into a depressive state, the stresses that I was dealing with in my life were suddenly impossible to deal with.  I am usually a very laid back and practical person but I was seriously getting to be a basket case.  I tend to think things through and come up with solutions rather than crying and feeling helpless but this just wasn’t working for me at this time.

On July 3 it got to the point for me where enough was enough, I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I let go of a few things that were beyond my control and felt well enough to start working out again.  I went about doing my workout and not only did the muscles in my body loosen up and let go, so did my mind.  After that workout, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders and I felt like a million bucks.  I have worked out every day since with a completely new attitude and outlook on life. I feel lighter, healthier, happier, and free.

I always understood that working out was a great reliever of stress but I never understood the connection between my body and my mind until this happened.  This truly helps me to see how important having balance in your life is and I will do my best to ensure I maintain that balance.