The Search for an Effective Deodorant

It seems like the older I get, the harder I sweat.  I can remember being a young girl and rarely seeing a drop of sweat appear.  Now, the closer I get to menopause the worse it seems to get, not only do I deal with the undesirable odor of perspiration, but I have also ruined many shirts with sweat stains that I can’t seem to get out no matter what I try.  In addition to the sweat spots that are left behind, I have horrible outbreaks of sweat that leave the underarms of my shirts soaked, obviously causing the sweat spots.  I have tried many deodorants to try to counteract the sweat and have been unable to find anything that works and believe me I have tried them all!

I did forget to mention that I do some pretty intense workouts so my deodorant does get put through the paces.  I am also quite frugal and don’t enjoy spending a bloody fortune on the latest fad that promises to go the distance and doesn’t.  I love products of value, priced reasonably, and has quality.

The other day I was once again at the Shopper’s Drug Mart deodorant counter and looking for a new deodorant to replace the disappointment that just ran out.  I came across this product, Secret – Australia – Eucalyptus Blossom.  This product boasted everything that I was looking for right on the container.  Invisible – Antiperspirant / Deodorant – 48 Hour Odour Protection – Invisible – Goes on Dry, Stays Dry.  Now as you can imagine I was very skeptical as I had been duped by false promises a time or two in the past.  But, it was on sale so I figured what the hell, it couldn’t be any worse than anything else I have tried.

I bought it, I brought it home and the next morning while I was getting ready for work I put it on.  First of all, it did not leave white marks on the outside of my shirt while getting dressed, so far so good.  I went to work, didn’t really think anything of it all, to be honest, came home worked out, made supper, packed lunch, did everything I need to get done throughout the day and then I went to go have a shower and I lifted my arm and took a whiff of my armpit (oh you know you do it too) and what did I smell?  Eucalyptus Blossom, not a hint of BO, amazing!  I have been using this product ever since and it has not disappointed me once, I couldn’t be happier with it so I am shouting it from the rooftop!  If you are looking for a deodorant / Antiperspirant that truly goes the distance, this is the one for you.  Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

I guess the old plug holds true “Secret – strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”