When you Stumble

From time to time we all stumble. We start off with the best intentions of how we are going to reach that goal we so desperately want and then something happens and life gets in the way. It’s okay, it happens to all of us. The true test is what happens when you stumble. I know for a long time I would hit a roadblock and say “Okay, well I will start again on Monday”. Then what happens? Well until Monday I would usually eat whatever I wanted, laze around, forget about my goals. Of course then by Monday I would have gained two or three pounds and have to start all over.

This start and stop mentality is what get’s us all into trouble, it’s like you’re chasing your tail. You start off great on Monday, lose a pound or two and something happens and you stop. By the next Sunday you have gained back what you have lost and possibly more and you start over.

The key is momentum, the starting is always the toughest part, once you get going the rest is a breeze. “A body in motion stays in motion” Keep a picture of your goal or write it down where you will see it all the time. Join a challenge group or get a workout buddy, whatever it takes to keep you motivated to keep going, just don’t stop. If you don’t feel like working outlook at that goal and remind yourself what your why is, talk to your workout buddy or challenge group, think about how fantastic you will feel after you work out and get up and just do it.

Stop taking things a week at a time, take things a day at a time. If you mess up and have a piece of cheesecake for dessert, yea you messed up your calorie intake for that day. If you are lucky you can still work around it and make your calorie intake work for the day but if not, get over it and move on. Tomorrow is a new day and next time you have the choice of working out or having the cheesecake you will be more likely to say no.

Another thing, the more results you see the easier it is going to be to say no to temptation because your goal and the results you are seeing is more important to you than the cheesecake or cookie and pretty soon it won’t even bother you anymore. There are many great ideas for tasty sweet or salty snacks that are healthy and low-calorie to keep you on track. There are some great, healthy, low-calorie dessert/snack recipes here.