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Acerola Cherry

Acerola cherries contain more vitamin C than other fruits. Vitamin C forms collagen, skin, blood vessels, and muscles help heal wounds and keep bones and teeth healthy. Vitamin C is not stored in the body, which means it needs to be replaced daily. Acerola cherries contain compounds called anthocyanins which help lower the risk of heart disease, enhance memory function, protect developing fetal brain tissue, act as an anti-inflammatory, help regulate blood sugar and reduce the risks and effects of obesity. The high vitamin C content of the cherries helps form collagen, the building block of healthy skin that keeps it toned and youthful in appearance. The anthocyanins help prevent inflammation in outer skin tissues, just as they do on the inside of the body. Acerola can suppress the synthesis of melanin, which gives the skin a “lightening” effect. There are sufficient amounts of potassium contained in the acerola cherry as well. This will benefit the body against high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. Acerolas also promote new cells to generate and help the body to absorb iron. Gastric disorders can be treated as well. The West Indian Cherry is known to help constipation, diarrhea and it also strengthens the liver and fights against hepatitis. Acerolas also fight wrinkles, tooth decay, and aid in the symptoms of menopause. The acerola cherry is a Super Food. It is also commonly used in cosmetics presently.