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Luo Han Guo

The mongrosides in Luo Han Guo are under investigation as potential tumor inhibitors, they have antioxidant properties and may help manage diabetes because of their inhibitory effects on blood sugar levels. They may defend against heart disease. In addition, teas made from luohanguo are known to relieve throat inflammation or cough, cool heatstroke, help elimination in the elderly and relieve digestive distress. Organic luo han guo supports the immune system, digestive tract, glands and respiratory system. It has been found that luo han guo extract has a powerful effect on diabetes. The extract has been shown in animal studies to decrease blood sugar, total cholesterol, triglycerides and improve liver function. In addition, it increased the HDL (“good” cholesterol) while protecting the antioxidants in the animals livers. Luo han guo has been shown to have an antihistamine effect in mice given the extract. The extract seems to counter an allergic response by calming the mast cells that release the chemicals such as histamine – which is associated with both allergies and asthma.