Healthy Supplements

Yakon Root

Raw yacon root can act as a diuretic, which means it will promote urination and the elimination of toxins. Health issues affecting the kidneys, such as kidney stones and the bladder are positively affected by the diuretic properties of yacon root. Yacon root contains more than 50 percent fructooligosacharides or FOS, which are a type of sugar that is not easily digested by your stomach. This is beneficial for individuals suffering from diabetes and hypoglycemia, since FOS can be used as a sweetener that does not spike blood sugar levels and is relatively low in calories. The FOS found in yacon root are also considered to be a promising potential source of prebiotics. A prebiotic is an ingredient in food that is not digested by your stomach but reaches the colon and ferments, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. This action of yacon root aids the gastrointestinal tract for proper digestion and enhances the production of immunostimulants called beta-glucans. Yacon root has antioxidant properties; it contains ferulic, chlorogenic and caggeic acids. Antioxidants help fight free radicals in your body that cause oxidation of cells, which leads to aging and disease.