Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living Tip #258

Give yourself a hand with portion size

Measuring everything before you eat it isn’t realistic. You can use your hand to gauge a healthy serving size.

Based on an average-sized woman’s hand:

  • Use your two open hands to guide you in selecting a healthy serving of vegetables.
  • Use your fist to select a healthy portion of grain products. Your baked potato, serving of pasta or rice should be equal to your first.
  • Include a fist-size serving of fruit with or between your meals.
  • Use your palm to measure a healthy serving of meat and alternatives. Your chicken breast or lean steak should be the size of your palm.
  • Use a thumb tip-size serving of fat. Choose fats that are soft at room temperature, such as non-hydrogenated margarine or vegetable oils. These fats are heart-healthy.