Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living Tip #259

Eat your fruits and veggies!

Fruits and vegetables contain so many nutrients that protect our health and fuel our bodies. Keep a variety of fruits and vegetables in the fridge so everyone will eat more of these vitamin-packed foods. Consider buying locally grown and in-season fruits and veggies. And if fresh produce is unavailable, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables are equally healthy and nutritious. Be sure to look for products with no added sugar!

A colorful plate is a healthier plate

You can make choosing new and different fruits and vegetables a game for your kids. The more colors the better!

Kids can choose a variety of red, green, orange, purple or white fruits and vegetables to mix up the colors on their plates and the nutrients for their bodies.

If you encourage your children to help with shopping and food preparation, they’ll get more excited about different choices. It’s more fun to eat the vegetables when you helped cut them up!

Think “veggie” all day long

Don’t just save vegetables for dinner time. When kids are hungry, they are more likely to try new things. And they will eat healthy choices if you offer them. After school or after naps is a great time to offer lots of fruits and vegetables.

“I tried it. I don’t like it.”

Sound familiar? Don’t give up. Research shows children need to try a new food 5 to 10 times before accepting it. Keep offering different fruits and vegetables. You don’t want to force them, but ask them to taste it every time.