Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living Tip #295

Lifestyle changes do not happen overnight. Most of us cannot sustain a sudden and drastic change to our lifestyles. So stop kidding yourself. The keyword here is GRADUAL. You need to start with something small that you can actually sustain for the rest of your life. Once you have succeeded in doing the first small change, make that change a bit bigger and add something else to your list, and so on. I like to use soda pop as a good example. If there is one thing you can do to start on the road to healthy living, it is removing soda pop from your diet. But most people in modern society simply can’t stop drinking it cold turkey. So take it easy on yourself. Start by deciding that you will not drink any soda pop on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for example. And on the other days of the week try not to drink more than one can of pop. If this is too difficult for you to start with, make it even easier on yourself and decide you will not drink soda pop on Mondays and that you will only drink one can once a day for the rest of the days of the week. Once you have managed to do that, increase the number of days you do not drink it. And so on. Eventually, you will discover that you don’t need to drink soda pop as often. Later you will wonder why you ever even liked the stuff in the first place.