Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living Tip #436

Tight chest and back from spending your 9-to-5 hunched over a computer keyboard? A slumping posture can lead to back and neck pain, zap your energy, and even make you look heavier. To realign your spine, feel more awake, and look slimmer, grab two tennis balls and a roll of cloth athletic tape. Wrap the athletic tape in a figure-eight pattern around two tennis balls until they are securely attached. Then lie in a crunch position with the balls placed horizontally under your mid-back. Do three crunches, lifting and lowering your head and shoulders. On the next crunch, hold yourself in the up position to move the balls up your back for half a roll. Press into your feet and scoot your butt then feet forward. Repeat the crunch/roll sequence until the balls reach the top of your spine.